The King's Head Theatre
Jul-Aug 2015

written by Dave Spencer and Idgie Beau

directed by Dave Spencer

composed by Jo Turner

Join Another Soup as they return to the King's Head Theatre with another brand new musical, this time delving deep into the story of Sweeney Todd and his mistress, Mrs Cornelia Lovett. Following on from the success and acclaim of their recent production of Dorian Gray, Another Soup will be bringing this award-winning new musical to the thrust stage of the King's Head this summer, showing off their 'Brechtian immersion'. And, this time around, audiences will be guaranteed seats!



The year is 1879. The place, London. The sordid streets of Holborn are awash with unsavoury individuals, wiling away their lives practicing the variously salacious Victorian vices of the times. On Fleet Street, Mr Sweeney Todd runs a reputable barbershop, shearing the whiskers of the gentry and clergy of London town. His sweetheart, Mrs Cornelia Lovett, spends her days managing an ailing pie shop, constantly on the brink of bankruptcy and plagued by belligerent bailiffs. What will they do to survive? How far will they go to achieve their aims? And what graves will they dig for themselves and others?


Cornelia Lovett, the illegitimate sister of the incomparably cruel Amelia Dyer, has her own ways of making ends meet, and will stop at nothing to achieve her goal. Come with us as we take you on a frenetic tour of what it meant to be on the bread-line in Victorian London, and what those with singular obsessions and no morals whatsoever got up to behind closed doors.

With music composed by critically acclaimed Jo Turner, and a script written by award-winning writers, Dave Spencer and Idgie Beau, Lovett and Todd is sure to leave you gripping your seats with fear and feverish joy, ensuring you will be humming long after you leave the world of Victorian London behind.

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Louise Torres-Ryan - Cornelia Lovett

Daniel Collard - Sweeney Todd

Rachael Garnett - Ameila Dyer

Sarah Shelton - Mildred Baxter/Sarah Hobley

Eddie Mann - Narrator/Sergeant Cleary

Andy Watkins - Gideon Philpotts/Drummle

Louise Torres-Ryan

Daniel Collard

Rachael Garnett

Sarah Shelton

Eddie Mann

Andy Watkins



Dave Spencer - Director/co-writer

Tom Jack Merivale - Musical Director

Idgie Beau - Dramaturg/co-writer

Isaac Lusher - Orchestrator

Jo Turner - Composer

Steffi Walker - Choreographer

Matilda Hunter - Producer

Bethany Greenwood - Creative Consultant

Helen Spencer - Costumes

Rhian Morris - Set Design


Press Response


'Lovett and Todd is an intriguing, tongue-in-cheek musical which provides a highly entertaining evening. With an outstanding cast and a superb score this is a new musical not to be missed.' - The Theatre Tourist - ★★★★


'ballsy... Lovett + Todd jettisons all notions of operatic doomed romance, substituting psychopathically sadistic pitch-black comedy' -London City Nights - ★★★★


'Spencer, also directing, really makes sure that the pace never drops, and constantly makes sure the action never lets up, letting the cast push it with the energy of their performances; there is never a moment where the energy sags. Building in moments that interact directly with the audience certainly help, drawing on the fact that Lovett + Todd started life as a promenade production. Yet, Spencer does allow for variation as not to burn the audience out too quickly, but also to let more of the darker and more intimate moments come through, meaning that it you’re losing attention it’s not at all to do with the direction or pacing. Furthermore, Spencer’s use of some of the King’s Head Theatre’s crannies and unique set-up makes Lovett + Todd feel like a part of the space, rather than a show that’s plonked itself in.' - Grumpy Gay Critic - ★★★


'an inspired reimagining of the Lady Macbeth story, with Louise Torres-Ryan’s sexualised and psychopathic Cornelia Lovett egging on her weak-minded accomplice to kill more customers so she can build her pie shop empire. Torres-Ryan is excellent as the femme fatale and the chemistry of this mis-matched pair is absorbing, particularly during their melodramatic tango dance.' - Londonist - ★★★


'the kind of audacity that we’ve come to expect from Another Soup, creators of this curious reincarnation at the King’s Head. And while at times it veers a little off course, it nevertheless presents an interesting and feminine twist on the old penny-dreadful tale.' - Musical Theatre Review - ★★★


'cleverly done and jolly, if gruesome, good fun.' - The Public Reviews - ★★★


'It’s not just the story that feels freshly reheated – it’s the also the telling. Dave Spencer’s book and Jo Turner’s music grab attention any which way. The lyrics bring laughs and the music is even funnier: a mix of accordion, guitar and keyboards with a barbershop quartet, a faux-romantic ballad and even a tango.' - Once A Week Theatre


'fine festival fare' - There Ought To Be Clowns