The King's Head Theatre
Mar-Apr 2015

written by Dave Spencer and Steffi Walker

directed by Dave Spencer

composed by Jo Turner

A new immersive musical adapted from Another Soup's previous Victorian Vices - The Picture of Dorian Gray. Sticking true to its Another Soup 'Brechtian immersion' roots, Dorian Gray took place on the set of the King's Head Theatre's wildly successful Trainspotting. Juxtaposing the seedy underworld of Victorian high society with the druggy wastelands of 90s Edinburgh, Dorian Gray brought new significance to this classic tale of hedonism and narcissism.




To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the first publication of Oscar Wilde's seminal novel, Another Soup are bringing their award-winning immersive new musical to the King's Head Theatre this March-April. Showcasing their renowned 'Brechtian immersion', Another Soup invite you into the debauched and debased world of Dorian Gray. Having debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe alongside a new immersive version of the classic Sweeney Todd tale, Another Soup are now flinging their doors open wide to a waiting London audience.


With original music and a small cast tackling a multiplicity of roles, Dorian Gray welcomes audiences to submerge themselves in the salaciousness of the late 19th century. Composer, Jo Turner's songs will remain spinning in your head for weeks, or even months to come, meaning that the lessons you learn in the lurid locales of Mr Gray's London will haunt you and keep you awake at night, long into the summer.


Celebrating the text in its original condition, before the cruel and hypocritical censorship of the Victorian age had its wicked way with it, this version of Dorian Gray chronicles the hidden vice and sin that lurked beneath the painted surface of Victorian society.

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Thomas Judd - Henry Wotton

Felicity Kirwin - Sibyl Vane

Blair Robertson - Basil Hallward

Samuel Woodhams - Dorian Gray

Isaac Lusher - Victor (Violin)

Felicity Sparks - Mrs Leaf (Piano)

Thomas Judd
Samuel Woodhams
Felicity Kirwin
Blair Robertson
Felicity Sparks



Dave Spencer - Director/writer

Jo Turner - Composer

Isaac Lusher - Musical Director/Orchestrator

Bethany Greenwood - Creative Consultant

Steffi Walker - Co-Writer

Ruby Lawrence - Choreographer

Helen Spencer - Costume Consultant

Steph Taylor - Production Assistant

Press Response


‘A hugely entertaining and innovative production’ - Everything Theatre ★★★★


‘a damn fun way to spend 90 minutes. Rumbling along at whipcrack pace, we're tossed like a pinball between humour, melancholy and sexual kink’ - London City Nights ★★★★


‘Dorian Gray goes to prove that complex ideas can and do work on stage, and in musical form. Boasting a refreshingly strong emphasis on the homoerotic overtones clearly evident in the novel, and a brilliant prologue discussing the continued relevance of the story, Wilde’s most glorious writing stands the test of time without a blemish, as it’s brought to life on stage. Here’s hoping there isn’t a manuscript somewhere, silently withering and decaying.’ - Ginger Hibiscus ★★★


‘Another Soup’s determination to forgo the much used site-specific trend of late in way of a more immersive theatrical experience comes off well.’ - The Reviews Hub ★★★


‘It’s a warm interpretation of Wilde’s great classic that has the capacity to attract and entertain a far-reaching audience by not taking itself too seriously.’ - A Younger Theatre