Sweeney Todd & the String of Pearls

Durham Indoor Market

Mar/Jun 2013

written by Dave Spencer

composed by Jo Turner

directed by Dave Spencer




Who doesn’t love a Victorian Christmas? Charles Dickens, Mrs Beeton, and Queen Victoria come to life in this frivolously festive evening. Inspired by Horrible Histories, but with drinking and naughtiness encouraged, award-winning Another Soup invite you to a truly immersive, no-holds-barred seasonal celebration, for adult eyes only. Who knows who’ll be kissed under the mistletoe?


Winners of DarkChat’s Best Play 2014, and shortlisted for a Musical Theatre Network Award, Another Soup are back this December to offer you an evening of festive fondlings and Christmas capers. Brace yourself for a full stocking of irreverent mayhem, lewd caroling, and bawdy bacchanalia in this new piece of Christmas ridiculousness.


Lady Griselda and Lady Ermintrude may be rushing headlong towards scandal, but they still throw one hell of a festive knees-up. They invite you to join them in their parlour for an evening of Yuletide abandon – along with a rogue American, who’s a bit of a pianist; an English gent of ‘eccentric’ tastes; and a serving woman

from the colonies… well, Wales. Revel in a right old sing-song and a touch of sordid Saturnalia, as these miscreants tell the greatest story ever told, in their eyes at least.

A new Christmas extravaganza written by two of Another Soup's precious associate artists, Bethany Greenwood and Steffi Walker, Victorian & Gay will see the roles of Ladies Ermintrude and Griselda (who you may remember from Another Soup's versions of Dorian Gray and Sweeney Todd) reprise their fortunes and lost fame. They invited audiences in December into their parlour, for games, ghost stories, and glad tidings.

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Steffi Walker - Lady Griselda

Tom Jack Merivale - Louis Moreau Gottschalk

Lottie Davies - Mrs Winterbottom

Monty Jones - Gideon Chetwynd Talbot

Bethany Greenwood - Lady Ermintrude

Steffi Walker
Tom Jack Merivale
Lottie Davies
Monty Jones
Bethany Greenwood
Press Response


'It’s usually the case in theatres above pubs that the noise from the banter downstairs creeps into the room upstairs. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a situation where the opposite was the case. Until I came out of Victorian & Gay. I am reliably informed that the audience’s laughter was loud enough that some of the punters in the bar wondered what they were missing out on. Don’t be one of them: join the party, and be assured of a Merry Christmas. “Good tidings and gin”? I’ll drink to that.' - London Theatre 1 ★★★★★


'There is a beauty to behold in this production [...] Dave Spencer has ensured that there is a clean break between the farce and their set pieces which aids their stories and the audience interaction perfectly. Spencer, much like the company, has had a lot of fun with Greenwood and Walker text and he's connected so well to the humour and sadness of the play and has kept the flow balanced.' - The New Current ★★★★


'This is a non-stop 80 mins of festive frolics, a royal Noël, and the reality that being attracted to the same sex was no Winter Wonderland when Queen Victoria reigned. Director Dave Spencer’s magic matches that of Saint Nicholas with this medley of narratives, portrayed seamlessly as if you were a wiseman at the scene after Virgin Mary popped out the crucifix-lounger.' - The Gay UK ★★★★


'an ingenious production' - Islington Gazette ★★★★


'The group creates a marvellous atmosphere [...] lively, cheeky romp' - The Stage ★★★